S7 Airlines joins global avaiation alliance oneworld



S7 Airlines – one the largest airlines in Russia, a leader in domestic air traffic, that also has the most modern and one of the “youngest” fleet narrow with aircraft from  Airbus and Boeing. The company is also up to date and introducing new technologies in online services for passengers. These competitive advantages, as well as compliance with all international requirements for safety standards, industry standards of customer service and quality management were assessed by the global airline alliance oneworld, that invited S7 Airlines to become the part of the alliance airlines alongside with American Airlines, British Airways, etc.

Agency’s challenge was to organize and provide comprehensive communication support for the gala event celebrating S7 joining oneworld alliance. The main goal was to present S7 Airlines to alliance leadership and its members in the most favorable light as well as to convey the significance of the event to S7 Airlines partner companies, Russian officials and government agencies, S7 Airlines employees and media.


S7 entry into the oneworld alliance is an outstanding and a very serious step forward. Apart from the company, Aeroflot is the only other Russian airline that is a current member of an international alliance (since 2006 company is a part of Sky Team alliance). The entry to oneworld global aviation alliance also carries a special meaning for the country, providing yet another acknowledgement of high level of development, compliance with international standards of business and real integration into the global economy.

Agency chose to put a little twist on theme of the event. It was held in the similar way to formal events of signing intergovernmental agreements with according entourage including a visit to the Red Square. Event’s location was chosen accordingly – the Ritz Carlton Hotel located on Tverskaya Street.

The script for the ceremony engaged all elements that are common for this type of event: a parade of flight attendants from all airlines-members of alliance that carried flags with branded tail liveries; a ceremony of solemn S7 plane’s fuselage decoration with superscription “Member of oneworld” and etc.

The ceremony, press conference and unofficial program for foreign and regional attendees, welcome reception and a gala dinner were key parts of the event held on November 15, 2010.

More than 100 foreign and regional guests and up to 150 people from Moscow were expected to attend this two-day event. Agency carried out an invitation campaign, provided visa and transportation support, divided guests into groups and developed their individual programs, as well as all logistics for the event.

During their stay in Moscow key guests including John McCulloch, a Managing Partner of oneworld alliance, Willie Walsh, a CEO of British Airways visited the Kremlin and participated in several formal and informal meetings with local partners and government representatives. Guests toured and had a photo shoot on the Red Square, where a parade with thirteen flight attendants from all airlines-members of alliance took place. That unexpected addition to event agenda made ​​a lasting impression on guests and people visiting or just passing by the Red Square during the parade.

That same evening at the Ritz Carlton Hotel agency held a press conference and a gala reception. A major role was assigned to the main decorations of the ceremony site. Hotel ballroom turned into passenger cabin of the aircraft. Intriquette design, sound effects and visuals (agency produced a corporate movie for S7 company) became an unexpected surprise for guests and created a feeling of being on board of the S7 Airlines aircraft.

In a press conference that gathered over 60 representatives of Russian and international media, along with Vladislav Filev, S7 Group CEO and oneworld alliance leadership key speakers were Alexander Neradko, the Head of Rosaviation  and Sergei Kravchenko, President of Boeing Russia.

Thirteen flight attendants opened the event presenting flags of all companies-members of the alliance and congratulated S7 Airlines with joining the oneworld on behalf of their company’s in different languages. S7 presented their new corporate movie and a ceremony of placing the oneworld logo on S7 airframe with Vladimir Obedkov CEO of S7 Airlines and Alexander Steblin, CEO of GLOBUS Airline was broadcasted during the evening.

The event was also live streamed in Russian and English via company’s website, www.s7.ru. The day ended with a gala dinner.


More than 260 Russian and foreign visitors and over 60 international and Russian federal and regional media representatives attended the gala ceremony

In his speech at the gala dinner Vladislav Filev, CEO of S7 Group noted: “Today begins a new era in the history of our airline. We are very proud to become part of the leading global airline alliance and begin to work shoulder to shoulder with the most outstanding representatives of the world’s air passenger market”. With his first visit to Moscow that lasted for just one day, Willie Walsh, the Chief Executive of British Airways had only two words to describe all that was happening: “It’s fantastic!”. Under that exact headline Vedomosti newspaper published an article about the event.

Positive coverage appeared in more than 130 federal, regional and international media. Summing up the year              Afisha-MIR described S7 Airlines joining the oneworld alliance as the best one in 2010.

A year later S7 Airlines showed a significant increase in business performance due to benefits that become available to passengers after S7 joined the alliance as well as generated coverage.

In 2012 a number of S7 Airlines’ transfer passengers on flights of alliance’s airlines increased by 68%.

During the first year after joining oneworld alliance S7 ​​Airlines carried more than 53 thousands passengers with tickets issued by members of oneworld, which is 76 % higher than a year earlier.

All that strengthened S7 Airlines position in Russia and in the world.

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