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IHS Goldfire artificial intelligence system was presented in Russia


The presentation of IHS Goldfire technology for working with big data was held in Moscow on May 18, with the communication support of “R.I.M Porter Novelli” Agency. The technology presented by the company IHS is a unique tool for enterprise search, solving engineering problems and forming of scientific and technical ideas, which has been successfully used inby the companies in in 140 countries.
The event, held in the format of a press-breakfast was visited by David Segal, Product Director of IHS Engineering & Product Design, Maksim Rastopchuk, CEO of IHS Global Belarus, and Eduard Cherednik, Regional Director of IHS Engineering & Product Design in Russia and CIS countries, as well as the representatives of the Russian mass media.
The technology is based on the Soviet inventions, in particular, the works of Henry Altshuller on the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ) and automatic processing of text data as a source of knowledge. IHS Goldfire artificial intelligence system allows to work effectively with big data and extract knowledge from unstructured materials.
According to David Segal, IHS Engineering and Product Design is the world’s biggest source of technical information, experience and innovative solutions, with the successful application in all major industries, such as energy (oil and gas), aerospace, defense and chemical industry, transportation, maritime transportation, etc.
The IHS proprietary data processing technology allows to create a depository of technical expertise and values, including 1.7 million international and domestic technical regulations and standards, over 55 million world patents and over 120 million technical books, documents and units of expert information.
Maksim Rastopchuk explained that IHS Goldfire understands technical texts in five languages and studies hundreds of millions of internal technical documents in enterprise networks of the companies and agencies that have purchased it. “Our program, in contrast to traditional search engines, has the ability to analyze natural human language, – he said. – Our processor does not only finds documents or their parts by the user’s request, but also gives extracted specific functional frameworks and their chains, which are more likely to be the desired solution to the problem”.
Engineering and manufacturing IHS solutions have been already applied in over 3,600 companies worldwide, including 380 companies included in the Fortune and Forbes rating lists. As an example of the successful use of the technology, Maxim Rastopchuk mentioned Samsung company, which increased its production efficiency by 35% (according to the estimates of the company itself) due to IHS Goldfire, that helped to reduce the costs by 77 mln dollars.
Eduard Cherednik, while talking about the cooperation with the Russian companies said: “The volume of IHS investments in Russia has been increasing year by year, which is the indication of the growing potential of the Russian market, – he said. – In particular, the Russian oil and gas companies have already displayed their interest in IHS Goldfire technology”.
IHS Company is a leading source of information, analysis and recommendations in critically important areas that affect business environment. Companies and government agencies in over 140 countries all over the world rely on the IHS technology for making crucial decisions and operational development of strategies. IHS Company was founded in 1959. The IHS Company head office is located in Colorado, USA. The company accounts for 9,000 employees in 32 countries.
R.I.M Porter Novelli Agency has rendered comprehensive communication support to the presentation of the new IHS technology in Russia, including organizational support of the event and wide press coverage of the new technology in the Russian media.