Celebration of the Cosmonautics Day at “M5 Mall” Shopping and Recreation Center in Ryazan


The exhibition titled “They Were the First”, the exhibits of which remind us of the unique time in the Russian science history – the Era of the Universe Discoverers, was opened on April 11 at “M5 Mall” Shopping and Recreation Center in Ryazan.

For the first time, 33 exhibition photographs were taken from the Moscow Cosmonautics Museum to give a chance to the Ryazan inhabitants to look at the famous documentary photographs, including the photo taken a few seconds before the launch of “Vostok-1” boost rocket, the unique photos of Yury Gagarin, the photo of the founder of practical cosmonautics, constructor Sergey Korolev, taken during the connection with the space vehicle on orbit.

The exhibition titled “They Were the First” allows to understand the feelings of the people who observed the travels of the first Soviet cosmonauts, and to feel proud for the hundreds of scientists, constructors and workers, whose efforts ensured that colossal breakthrough of our country in space exploration history. The exhibition will take place at “M5 Mall” Gallery near “Meridian 39” Planetarium through May 7.

The lecturers from “Chertogi Razuma” Moscow Edutainment Agency came to Ryazan to tell its inhabitants about the origin of life on our planet and to introduce them to the search for the developed civilizations in the Universe as well as to tell about the difficulties in studying Mars. “Chertogi Razuma” became popular in Moscow due to their unusual and available presentation of serious themes. Now, the visitors of “M5 Mall” Shopping and Recreation Center could enjoy the interactive format of the “educational show” of “Chertogi Razuma”.

On that day, the visitors of the Ryazan Planetarium “Meridian 39” located at “M5 Mall” had a chance to win a telescope. The 7th grader of one of Ryazan schools Vlad Seleznev can watch the stars now.

“M5 Mall” Shopping and Recreation Center is the largest multi-functional shopping and recreation center in Ryazan. The Center is managed by PPF Real Estate Russia Company, included into the largest financial and investment group of Central and Eastern Europe PPF Group. R.I.M. Porter Novelli Agency has been providing the complex communication support of the projects of PPF Real Estate Russia in Ryazan and Astrakhan since 2014.