R.I.M. Porter Novelli

R.I.M. Porter Novelli receives the highest award for the Olympic Torch Relay


The project “Olympic Torch Relay together with Coca-Cola!“ by R.I.M. Porter Novelli Agency became the only Russian project that received Platinum PR Award from PR News yesterday in New York.

In the category Event Marketing, the final short list also included projects by such agencies as APCO, Ketchum, Coyne PR and Finn Partners and projects by Facebook, Hilton and Logitech. Every year, one of the most popular international professional portals PR News celebrates with its award the creativity and complexity which is behind the best communications campaigns in 45 categories.

Read more about the award and other winners and awardees here: www.platinumprawards.com

The winning project dedicated to the Olympic Torch Relay held in 2013-2014, which traditionally precedes the Olympic Games, included comprehensive communication support for the initiative of the Coca-Cola company, which made it possible for 2,014 inhabitants of the country to take part in the Olympic Torch Relay and carry the Olympic flame along the streets of their city. To do this, they had to register on a special website, upload a video about themselves that could describe the way they change the world for the better, and win the voting of the visitors, as well as in the voting of the jury, specially formed from athletes, musicians and celebrities.

During a few months of the application campaign from Coca-Cola to take part in the relay, which was actively promoted in the mass media and social networks through a series of special events, including a specially organized mobile exhibition with the torch of the last year’s Olympic Games in 13 cities of the country, more than 65,000 applications were downloaded to the site by people wanting to become a torchbearer, which in total received more than 14 million votes from the Russians.

And during 123 days of the Relay, which was the longest one in the Olympic history, and was 65,000 km long, the agency team attracted the attention of the city residents of the Relay route to the winners of the competition, thus making the Olympic Games closer and more understandable to the residents of the most distant corners of our country and infecting them with the Olympic spirit. The total number of published media materials, dedicated to Coca-Cola torchbearers and containing the key messages of the company, exceeded 3,000 materials, which is almost 50% more than the original plan.

“We are happy for Tatyana Ruzina and her team, congratulations to all the agency staff who participated in the project and was preparing the application for the award. And, of course, our most sincere gratitude to our colleagues from Coca-Cola, without whom none of this would have happened,“ – said Jacob Minevich, a partner, General Director of the RIM Porter Novelli Agency.

“Coca-Cola has worked hand in hand with the R.I.M. Porter Novelli Agency on a very ambitious and complex project to support the Olympic Torch Relay Sochi-2014. The project included organization of a complex system of logistics, media support and project management on an unprecedentedly wide scale throughout the country. We have exceeded all scheduled KPIs, improved the reputation of Coca-Cola, and touched the hearts of millions of Russian citizens and visitors,“ – said Anna Kozlovskaya, Director of External Relations and Communications of Coca-Cola in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

Previously, the project to support the Olympic Torch Relay was highly appreciated by the jury members of other prestigious international awards – it was among winners of European Excellence Award and SABRE.

In total, Porter Novelli has won three top awards of the Platinum PR Awards this year, the other two awards were won by the North American offices of the international communication network for the projects for Bayer, with which the agency is working in Russia.