Open Innovations Forum 2017 becomes a record for R.I.M. Porter Novelli in every aspect


From October 16 to October 18 Skolkovo Technopark for the sixth time hosted the Moscow International Open Innovations Forum which was the key international event for discussing global technology trends, sharing experience and presenting up-to-date solutions.  The digital economy was the forum topic this year. Dmitry Medvedev, Chairman of the Government, took part in the forum by opening the plenary session “Digital economy. Society, business, state” dedicated to national strategies and the role of the state in the digital economy.

“Digitization should change not the way people live but the work principles of the traditional economy sectors: power production, transport and machine building. The digital economy surrounds us, both figuratively and literally speaking. Smartphones, the mobile Internet, communication in social networks, e-commerce and e-payments make a part of the modern lifestyle. Data processing helps both to predict the consumer behaviour and to create new business models which transform whole markets”, said Dmitry Medvedev in his speech.

The three thematic days dedicated to the business, state and society contained presentations by 650 speakers. 42 agreements, including 24 agreements involving the Skolkovo Foundation, were signed as part of the business programme and in the press centre. Some of the agreements covered infrastructure projects worth billions of roubles such as the construction of the Skolkovo 5G network, and some of them envisaged direct cash investments of hundreds of millions of roubles, such as the agreement between VEB and the Internet Initiatives Development Fund for RUB200 million and the agreement between IBS and the Venture Fund of Skolkovo — IT I for RUB100 million.

“The Open Innovations Forum is a real opportunity for all forum participants to find the contacts and investments they need. The government is ready to support innovations, ensure the sustainable growth and become a partner for the society and the business”, declared the Deputy Prime Minister, Arkady Dvorkovich.

This year became record-breaking not only for the forum: 18 200 participants from 98 countries, more than 1000 representatives of the media, 911 business conferences; but also for the communication agency R.I.M. Porter Novelli which provided this year comprehensive organizational and information support simultaneously for several clients: the Skolkovo Foundation, RVC, Rostec State Corporation and the Bayer Group.

The agency representatives performed works of the site development and equipment, coordination with the programme directorate, as well as briefing with experts, interaction with the Russian and foreign media at press conferences and workshops, press scrums, support for interviews of the top officials, participation in the exhibition part of the forum and workshops, singing of agreements, digital integration and so on.

The best practice of the intelligent urban system development was discussed at the partner conference “Smart Cities. Russia — Singapore” and panel discussions dedicated to the role of the government and the business in the development of smart technologies.

The culmination of the final day of the Open Innovations Forum was a press conference given by an android robot, Sophia, who addressed the audience with one of its creators, Ben Goertzel, from SingularityNet. Sophia answered the questions of the journalists and commented on the concerns of Dmitry Medvedev about the artificial intelligence reducing the mind of the mankind to nothing.


The communication agency R.I.M. Porter Novelli has been providing comprehensive organizational support for clients at the Open Innovations Forum since 2015.

Open Innovations Forum

The Annual Open Innovations Forum is held in Moscow since 2012 under the aegis of the Government of the Russian Federation and is rightfully known as a unique discussion platform for those who take part in the formation of an innovative ecosystem. The forum co-organizers are: the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation; the Government of Moscow; the RUSNANO Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs; Russian Venture Company; the Innovation Promotion Fund; the Skolkovo Foundation; Vnesheconombank. The event will be supported by the Foreign Investment Advisory Council.

The main objective of the forum is the development and commercialization of advanced technologies, popularization of international technology brands and creation of new tools for international collaboration in the field of innovations. The programme comprises plenary and thematic sessions, exhibitions, education activities, seminars and workshops, innovative shows, business meetings and opportunities for informal communication. https://forinnovations.ru/