Communication support of Moody’s Analytics launch on the Russian market



Communication support for Moody’s Analytics – a leading independent provider of solutions in risk measurement and management.

Agency developed a communication strategy that took into consideration a number of issues that hindered company’s promotion in Russia. In the first place, Moody’s Analytics specialization in risk management and its weak identification as an independent company. On the market it was seen as one of the divisions of the credit rating agency Moody’s that along with other international credit rating agencies at the time of financial crisis was under sharp criticism. In addition the company didn’t have an office in Russia that made efficient, on pulse communication with media impossible.

Agency’s goal was to position Moody’s Analytics products and services as the most effective risk management solutions for companies in the Russian financial sector (banks, investment and insurance companies, etc.)


Since the role of regulators in banking sector is extremely high, agency’s first course of action was to establish contacts with regulatory bodies’ representatives, the Bank of Russia, Ministry of Finance, as well as with non-governmental organizations, the Association of Russian Banks, etc. Agency also organized special media events that took place during one-day conferences for heads of risk management departments of Russian financial institutions that Moody’s Analytics held twice a year.

Increasingly escalating financial crisis in Europe and the U.S. made public more aware and interested in risk management solutions that were used across banking and the stability of the financial system as a whole that is where Moody’s Analytics expertise regarding requirements of Basel II and Basel III made the company a unique newsmakers on the Russian market.

Leading experts of Moody’s Analytics participated in Moscow conferences and were interviewed for key business and specialized media. To raise awareness of risk management nuances among journalists agency developed a “mini-MBA” program. Moody’s Analytics specialists gave lectures and journalists upon completion of the course received certificates.

To widen audience coverage agency developed and implemented an advertising campaign aimed at Moody’s Analytics general promotion as well as company’s solutions and products specifically for Russian market.

During a two-year campaign agency conducted regular surveys among media along with Moody’s Analytics brand recognition research among the target audience to effectively measure communication campaign progress and results.


A two-year communication campaign (with longevity up to 4 months a year) resulted in more than 150 publications in key business and specialized media (incl. interviews, articles, columns and commentary), more than 20 stories about company aired on major business TV channels. Constant target media attention to Moody’s Analytics business initiatives and expertise was secured.

According to independent research brand awareness in risk management community increased by 30%; these results are relevant for each year of communication campaign. In addition there was an expected increase in the level of awareness about company’s products and solutions among target audience.

Moody’s Analytics sales plan in Russia was exceeded twice as a result of a two-year campaign.

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