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Mastercard announces that the “Club of dedicated hockey fans” is open


On November 27 Mastercard and the Continental Hockey League announced that the “Club of dedicated hockey fans” was open with a special aim to unite mass media representatives and famous bloggers. The event was supported by the communication agency R.I.M. Porter Novelli. The new hockey fan club was founded following the tradition of the “Dedicated League”, a popular hockey tradition established for players and fans by Mastercard and the Continental Hockey League a year before.

Every month the “Club of dedicated hockey fans” would host its guests to watch the most interesting hockey battles. The club was inaugurated during the game between Dynamo, Moscow, and Avangard, Omsk, in the multifunctional sport complex VTB Ice Palace in Moscow on November 27.

Mastercard and the Continental Hockey League surprised the guests with the visit of Maxim Solovyev, a popular hockey player of Dynamo, Moscow, to the skybox. The hockey player took part in a photo and autograph session and answered the questions of the event attendees.

“Fans are the strictest judges, and their support and recognition are an important reward for a player. If you want to have dedicated fans, you are to show your best in every game. I came to know about the “Dedicated League” tradition not long ago, but now I try to keep pace with the news. It’s great that we have a chance to bring players and fans together,” – remarked Maxim Solovyev.

Maxim Solovyev, a player of Dynamo, Moscow, is answering questions of members of the “Club of dedicated hockey fans”

Alexander Vachaev, a “Dedicated Fan”, and Yekaterina, his wife, were among the honorary guests of the club.  Almost a year ago Alexander topped the rating list of fans of Dynamo, Moscow, and shared the prize with the player of the favourite club. Right at the stadium, several minutes before the game, the family found out that Maxim Solovyev would visit them in the skybox.

The “Dedicated League” is an amazing tradition of Mastercard and the Continental Hockey League. Today all members of my family met another player of my favourite club.  It is fantastic to have a talk in a relaxing atmosphere without any formalities. I’ve been a hockey fan since my childhood, and I realize the grandness of emotions stirred up by this tradition for the last two years,” said the fan.

Dedicated League

“Dedicated League” is a hockey tradition established by Mastercard and the Continental Hockey League for players and fans in 2016. During the whole season of the Continental Hockey League the fans choose the best hockey player of the game who has impressed them most of all. The chosen players and the most active fans of clubs have their names entered into the historical records of the “Dedicated League”. They will be awarded with a unique joint trophy, “To a Dedicated Player” and “To a Dedicated Fan”, to be presented to the winners simultaneously during the awarding ceremony organized for this purpose. It was the first time that the Continental Hockey League awarded fans with official prizes, so that they could really feel involved in the success of their favourite clubs.

The event was organized by R.I.M. Porter Novelli agancy as part of comprehensive support of the “Dedicated League” project since September 2017.