Mastercard opens a new season of the Priceless League media club tradition


Mastercard and the Continental Hockey League (KHL) announce partnership for 2019/20 season. For the fifth year in a row, Mastercard becomes the official partner of the League arrangements: KHL Championship, KHL Stars Match and the Youth Hockey League arrangements, and serves as the official payment system and bank card of the KHL Championship.

The first in the new season media club Mastercard/KHL Priceless League traditional session was held during the match between CSKA (Moscow) and Avangard (Omsk). The event was attended by hockey legends and current hockey players, sports reporters and bloggers. Sports journalists Pavel Lysenkov and Daria Mironova acted as presenters at the session.

Box seats were occupied by the popular Russian actors Sergey Komarov and Kirill Andreev, as well as famous sportsmen Aleksandr Guskov and Dmitry Sychev. Aleksandr Morozov, Leader of KomAr Team, delivered welcoming words: “I would like to thank Mastercard and Priceless League for the opportunity to watch the first match of the new season and be closer to the world of hockey. We look forward to playing with our opponents – Rospress. We will try to win! Our team has many forwards and goalscorers. We believe that attacking is the way to go!”

The guests of the media club were surprised to learn that the Priceless Match will take place on CSKA arena in Moscow on September 17. The team of KomAr actors will fight on ice with Rospress media team. After the match, the participants of the event will be able to put questions to the players of each team, coaches and presenters.

During the second break, CSKA Club player Sergey Kalinin joined the guests. The current holder of Gagarin Cup answered questions of the media people and thanked the fans: “We hope that throughout the entire season our fans will give us drive, inspire new achievements and encourage us to win. And thanks to Priceless League, we feel this support not only in the arena, but also online. Every time the fans show that they care – be it in Moscow or Omsk – it heartens you up.”

Please remember that the online battle for Priceless Trophies of 2019/20 season has already started. Two sets of awards will be shared between the best players and fans after the final game at the playoff series of KHL matches. An absolute leader by fan’s vote based on the season results will celebrate the success together with a player of the lovely club during the KHL closing ceremony in May.

Priceless League is a hockey tradition for players and fans established by Mastercard and the KHL in 2016. In the course of the season, the KHL fans select the best player of each match who brought the maximum number of unforgettable emotions. The selected players as well as the most active club fans will write their names in the history of the Priceless League. They will get a unique common trophy – to Priceless Player and Priceless Fan – which is awarded to the winners simultaneously during specially established award ceremony. Official awards for the fans are provided within the KHL for the first time in order to mark their considerable contribution in the success of their favorite clubs.

To join the Priceless League tradition and get an opportunity to become its leader, you must register on the website at mastercard.khl.ru or mobile app of the KHL available at Google Play and App Store. To become a participant to the Priceless League, you must be a national adult of any member state of the KHL Championship: Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and China.

R.I.M. Communications Agency has been supporting “Priceless League” for three seasons in a row, and we are happy to be part of this tradition.