Andrey Sinitsa


Андрей СиницаAndrei has more than 15 years of experience in implementing communications campaigns in various spheres, from political and social ones to corporate and anti-crisis ones. With great experience of implementing projects in the regions and the ability to build their mechanics from setting tasks to evaluating the results, he can be considered one of the industry’s leading specialists.

At the agency Andrey is involved in implementing major projects for companies from various sectors of economy, in the first turn connected with real estate, construction and infrastructure development. He is focused on solving various tasks in Public Affairs, including anti-crisis communications, communications with local communities, building efficient relations with government authorities on all levels up to the municipal one.

During his work at the agency Andrey has successfully developed and implemented projects for such organizations as Rosavtodor, Avtodor Russian Highways State Company, Eurochem MCC, Dirol Cadbury, as well as for a number of companies involved in the sphere of development and real estate: MIAN Group of Companies, PSN Group of Companies, Vedis, MonArch, Tushino 2018, RDI Group, Horus Capital, KROST, MIC, Samolet Development, RG Development, Kievskaya Ploschad, etc.
Andrei joined the agency in 2002 as the head of Special Projects Department that was reorganized in the Public Affairs and Special Projects Practice in 2006. He is the agency’s partner since 2007.

Before joining the agency he worked as the Deputy Chairman of Liberal-Conservative Policy Centre and was involved in political consulting during pre-election campaigns, organized party conventions and conferences and was the head of the youth division of the Democratic Choice of Russia. During his work at the Centre he undertook an internship in political technologies and holding elections in Norway.

Andrei graduated from the Leningrad naval college as navigator in 1994 and obtained the qualification of lawyer in 2004, having graduated from the Institute of Economics and Entrepreneurship. He lectures in Applied PR for students getting their second university degree at the Journalism Faculty of the Moscow State University and holds master classes at the Higher School of Economics.