Kinder and WWF Russia Open a Nature Trail in Alaniya National Park as Part of the First Joint Environmental Initiative


This autumn, Kinder brand opens a Nature Trail in Alaniya National Park as part of its first environmental initiative in Russia. This project was developed and implemented with the direct participation and control of WWF Russia. The project is aimed at creating a unique four-kilometer route through the highlands of the national park among the Caucasus ridges to a wonderful natural monument – Galdoridon Waterfall. The opening ceremony took place on October 31 and was attended by Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania Aleksandr Kardanov, Head of the Irafsky District of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania Batraz Khidirov, director of the Russian Caucasus department of WWF Russia Valery Shmunk, and representatives of governmental authorities in the Caucasus region, WWF Russia, Ferrero Russia company, local community, federal and regional media.

Now, the Nature Trail will enable visitors to the park to walk and get acquainted with natural attractions without compromising wildlife. The trail is furnished with modern facilities based on state-of-the-art technologies: convenient benches for relaxation, areas for separate garbage collection and information board explaining plants and animals that live in this habitat. The trail will be convenient for both adults and children. The implementation of this large-scale project was made possible largely due to the participation of the Kinder brand.

Along the trail there are ten marked stops to introduce tourists to the unique landscapes, local flora and fauna, rare species of animals living in the territory of the park (in particular, the near Asian leopard), as well as historical and cultural heritage of the ancient land of Alaniya. The newly created natural route in the highlands of Russia is designed to draw attention to the Program for the Restoration of the Near Asian Leopard Populations in the Caucasus, which is being implemented by WWF Russia. Recall that in summer 2018, two leopards were released in the Alania National Park – male Elbrus and female Volna, and new releases of these animals are planned in the coming years.

Every year, more and more species of wild animals all over the world are threatened with extinction due to human activities. That is why the Kinder brand tells children about rare representatives of the animal kingdom in the new Kinder Surprise Natoons series. These are twenty-nine toys representing endangered animal species that need special attention from humans. The brand team creatively approached their task when developing the concept of this promo offer. They really wanted to make a real and tangible contribution to the conservation of wildlife through such an action. As a result, the idea was born to provide financial support for the environmental project in Russia. The Kinder team engaged WWF Russia, which is the main wildlife conservation expert. Previousely, Ferrero Russia participated in two ecological campaigns – Chas Zemli and Ecodolg – held annually by WWF, which helped build trusted partner relationships. Colleagues from WWF Russia gladly accepted this idea and offered their support for the Alaniya National Park project. All approvals were obtained very quickly, and the work began.

That summer was filled with new, vivid impressions. Employees of Ferrero Russia kept track of the work with interest, and in the meantime, consumers – participants of the campaign “Kinder Surprise and Kinder Chocolate – Discover the World of Natoons!” got acquainted with rare species of animals included in the new Kinder Natoons toy collection. Everyone could use Kinder Favorite Animals application, receive prizes for the purchase of Kinder products, and also become a participants in the drawing of a trip for the whole family to the Nature Trail in Alaniya National Park. This was a very bold decision, because at the time of the start of the campaign the Nature Trail itself was only in the design phase! But thanks to the efforts of the project team, all the work was successfully completed, and the opening of the trail took place on schedule – October 31, 2019.

“We are very pleased to make our own contribution to such an important project – the construction of the Nature Trail in the Alaniya National Park,” comments Marina Tatarskaya, Director of Public Relations, Ferrero Russia CJSC. “All of us would like to preserve the beauty and richness of our planet for future generations, but it’s not enough just to take care of the wildlife ourselves. Putting it mildly, we need to educate our children and teach them to love nature and treat it carefully. That is why Kinder Surprise has released a series of Natoons dedicated to rare animals, and is involved in a specific environmental project in Russia. For us, this is a new opportunity to say how important it is to protect wildlife. We are very grateful to the WWF Russia team for their cooperation and support at all stages of the project.  All of us waited with excitement for October 31 – the date for the official opening of the Nature Trail agreed with the Alaniya National Park management, to make the first trip together with the winners of the “Kinder Surprise and Kinder Chocolate – Discover the World of Natoons!”. The authorities of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alaniya paid great attention to our initiative. It is a great honor for us. We are very grateful for such support and hope that this event will be the key to a long and fruitful cooperation.”

“From an environmental point of view, Alaniya National Park is located at the intersection of very important ecological corridors. Therefore, it is very important to maintain their coherence, including efforts for the successful implementation of the Program for the reintroduction of the near Asian leopard. The national park plays a decisive role in maintaining eco-corridors, but we must understand that the functioning of the national park itself depends on cooperation with the local population. Today we have laid the foundation for involving the residents of the Irafsky region in joint activities to preserve the nature of the Digorsky Gorge,” comments Valery Shmunk, Director of the WWF Russian Caucasus Regional Branch.

“We eagerly wanted to help the National Park team realize their ambitious goals for the development of the territory,” says Irina Vorobyeva, Director of Corporate Relations and Supporters of WWF Russia. “And we are grateful to Ferrero, which is a prominent representative of an environmentally responsible business, and to the Kinder brand for believing in this project. Because thanks to our joint efforts, we not only built the trail, but also created a unique eco-educational platform where the younger generation learned about the importance of nature conservation.”

R.I.M. Agency provided organizational and communication support for the opening of the Nature Trail as part of its integrated cooperation with Ferrero in Russia.