Midea presents an innovative oven


On October 19 Grand-Cafe Dr. Zhivago hosted a press breakfast organized by R.I.M. Porter Novelli agency where Midea presented its updated line of ovens, cooktops and dishwashers.

The event was attended by the General Director of Midea Russia, Aleksey Obukhov, the Midea Product Marketing Director, Dmitry Fetisov and 27 representatives of the leading business, industrial, glossy, popular science and cooking media which cover the trends in the development of innovative products and everyday life solutions, such as Vedomosti, AiF, ZOOM, Ichip, Elite interior, Woman, Passion and the TV show ‘Kvartirny Vopros’ (NTV).

‘The broadened range of ovens will meet the most demanding standards’, explained Aleksey Obukhov. ‘Now cooking with them gives much more pleasure thanks to the Touch Control panel operated only by touch and the large white multifunction display indicating all operation parameters: the time, the temperature and the selected mode. With the Midea oven you may cook puffy pies without worrying that they may ‘fall’, home-made bread, biscuits, bake a whole fowl, steaks and even cook dishes of the Mediterranean cuisine. 7 aerodynamic guides of the fan help you cook two, three or four dishes at a time’.

The organization of the press breakfast, including the selection and preparation of the area, development of press packs, invitation of the participants and interaction with the media was performed by R.I.M. Porter Novelli agency as part of the comprehensive PR-support for the activities of Midea in Russia which had been provided since the first half of the year.