R.I.M. Porter Novelli

BSA launches 3 new projects in Moscow’s suburbs


On June, 21 R.I.M. Porter Novelli organized a press breakfast for BSA. Among the topics discussed at the event were the situation on the real estate market and the presentation of BSA new projects. BSA General Director Tatyana Pisarenko, Marketing Director Irina Chechel and Seniour Analyst Alexey Zubik participated in the press breakfast.

BSA has been successfully operating on the real estate market of the Moscow Region for over 10 years. The company is an exclusive partner of such organizations as Vesta-SF, a group of construction companies located in the Moscow Region, Troyka Red, a regional real estate developer, Sberbank of Russia, as well as VTB24 and Vozrozhdenie banks.

During the press breakfast the BSA representatives and the leading journalists of the real estate market discussed the situation on the market, successful strategies of the launch and sale of properties in the continuing crisis, peculiarities of communication with developers and degree of their subsequent influence on the success of the project. BSA also announced the launch of three new projects in the Moscow Region: residential complex Oblaka in Lyubertsy, residential complex in Vidnoye and resort town May in Gorki Leninskiye.

“The launch of the new website marked a new era in the development of our company, we start new projects and expand the geography of our properties. We cannot say that it’s not great. Each of our residential complexes stands for hundreds, even thousands of families that now have high-quality and comfortable housing. It is not just housing, they are real towns inside a town, with their own infrastructure, schools, shops. We strive not only to find an apartment for each client, but to make it a place where every family will be truly happy,” said Tatyana Pisarenko, the General Director of BSA.

R.I.M. Porter Novelli has been providing complex communication support for BSA since November 2016.