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Bayer Barometer: what do women want?


On the 20th of November the results of the ‘Bayer Barometer: what do women want?’ study were presented in the form of an open discussion.

This event was supported by the communication agency R.I.M. Porter Novelli and attended by female representatives of business, culture and science: Ravshana Kurkova, theatre and movie actress; Maria Arkhangelskaya, psychologist and business consultant; Sophia Azizyan, manager of the program ‘Business women’, EY partner, Head of the CIS Personnel Strategy Department; Irina Lavrova, Bayer CIS Director for communications and relations with public and non-profit organizations; Elena Orlova, OMI Research Director, and representatives of 32 leading media. Lika Kremer, an actress, journalist and TV presenter, acted as a moderator of the discussion.

This year and never before, the Bayer Barometer study was focused on the life of women residing in major Russian cities: their leisure activities, their relations with the family and attitude to work, their health and other important aspects of life. In the end, the portrait of a Russian woman working in our modern world was ready.

  1. The majority of Russian women are satisfied with their life quality
  2. The following milstones influencing the life satisfaction of women were singled out: financial stability, health and harmony in personal and family life
  3. Women responded that a good sleep, proper relaxation and stress avoidance were three milestones of a healthy life.
  4. The study revealed a huge gap between understanding the importance of those milestones and putting real efforts into implementing them.
  5. 50% of women planned to have a child irrespective of whether they had ones or not

‘The ‘Bayer Barometer: what do women want?’ study is an ambitious project which has succeeded in bringing together views of different women and exhibiting their everyday life: their attitude to personal evolution, leisure activities, time dedicated to work and time they wish they spent working, plans to have a child and so on. The result of the study was surprising for me, as many women understood how critical it was to take pains to be healthy, but due to various obstacles they failed to do so quite often. As for me, I’m active in my efforts to remain healthy. My first rule is to stick to the schedule and go to bed before or at midnight. I also eat plenty of vegetables and fruit and take vitamins, try to keep my body warm and lead an active style of life, as I’m satisfied with life only if I’m healthy, it’s a crucial factor for me’, commented Ravshana Kurkova.

Irina Lavrova, Bayer Director for communications and relations with public and non-profit organizations, remarked: ‘Although more and more women understand the importance of the factors influencing their health, we still see some concerning trends. For instance, only 44% of respondents stated that being healthy meant being medically examined on a regular basis, and only 34% of women found responsible self-treatment an important activity’. ‘The importance of all analyzed factors of a healthy condition grossly overweights the real implementation of these rules. The only exception here is moderate consumption of alcohol that has as much importance as implementation’, said Elena Orlova, OMI Research Director.

According to Irina Lavrova, the results of the study revealed that the respondents were not ready to take responsibility for their own health: ‘This approach should exist in a system where people, in general, and women, in particular, would take care of their health. One of the possible solutions for Russia may be the implementation of a concept of responsible self-treatment which is to be followed by people in case of prevention measures, health condition monitoring, compliance with the doctor’s prescriptions and independent treatment of minor problems at home’.

R.I.M. Porter Novelli agency gave organizational and informational assistance to the event as part of comprehensive communication support for activities of Bayer in Russia which had been provided since 2015.

About the Bayer Barometer project

This research and social project is aimed to study various aspects of the Russian life quality. The project was launched in 2014 on the initiative of Bayer, an international chemical and pharmaceutical group. The project also covers round-table meetings, public discussions and competitions focused on the development of such fields as healthcare, agriculture and use of modern materials.