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The 5th International Children’s Hockey Tournament EuroChem Cup 2017: 4 Days of Hard Work, and Triumph


From May 24 to May 27, 2017 with support of R.I.M. Porter Novelli communication agency, the 5th International Children’s Hockey Tournament EuroChem Cup 2017 was held on the ice arena of the ice palace “Yubileyniy” in Novomoskovsk, the Tula Region.

Vadim Zherzdev, Head of Novomoskovsk Administration, Vladimir Torin, Head of EuroChem Public Relations and Communications, Aleksandr Savenkov, CEO of NJSC “Azot”, and Boris Mikhailov, prominent Russian ice hockey player and coach, two-time Olympic champion, attended the grand opening held on May 24, 2017.

“We are very happy to hold the EuroChem hockey tournament. The tournament is expanded every year. Love hockey, play hockey, and may the best man win”, greeted the players Vadim Zherzdev, Head of the Novomoskovsk Administration.

“It is not the first time we’ve been here on this ice, and there are more and more of us! Let’s enjoy this great occasion – this great hockey tournament! I’d like to tell you that American hockey players are going to come here next year. Novomoskovsk is becoming a sports capital”, said Vladimir Torin, Head of EuroChem Public Relations and Communications,said.

“I hope that these kids will become strong sportsmen in future and will join Russian national teams. Develop, grow! Let’s do it, hurrah to EuroChem!”, Boris Mikhailov said. “I support the Novomoskovsk Viktoria, of course I support the team. I want to wish you good play! Go ahead! Long live hockey!”

At the moment EuroChem Cup is one of the biggest tournaments for young hockey players in Russia. This year there are 12 teams in the tournament, among them six are Russian: from Novomoskovsk (Tula region), Kovdor (Murmansk region), Kingisepp (Leningrad region), Nevynnomyssk (Stavropol region), Salavat (Bashkir Republic) and seven are foreign: from Espoo (Finland), Klaipeda (Lithuania), Mannheim (Germany), Antewerpen (Belgium), Almaty (Kazakhstan), Leysin (Switzerland) and Narva (Estonia). The hockey players from Kazakhstan were the best. They defeated the Bashkir Yurmaty with a 2:1 victory, i.e. with the minimum advantage.

Aleksandr Yakushev, Vyacheslav Fetisov, Sergey Fyodorov, Pavel Bure who are the world and European champions, Olympic champions, Stanley Cup winners and the Russian and Soviet hockey legends, and other legendary hockey players attended the tournament’s closing ceremony. They gave presents to the players of the tournament and awarded prizes to the champions and prize winners together with Aleksey Dyumin, Governor of the Tula Region, Dmitri Strezhnev, EuroChem CEO, and Vadim Zherzdev, Head of the Novomoskovsk Administration.

“We will continue to support EuroChem in these activities, for the tournament to become a good tradition”, Alexey Dyumin said. Mr. Dyumin emphasized in his speech that the tournament had been very well arranged and that the young hockey players had been very skilled: “I’m very grateful to Dmitri Strezhnev, CEO of EuroChem Group, for his help in arranging the tournament. More and more teams wish to take part in the tournament every year, and today we will lay the first stone to build one more sports palace in Novomoskovsk. We will continue to support the initiatives of EuroChem and develop good traditions in this region.”

One of the novelties of the 2017 tournament were the three prizes from the charitable foundation of Andrey Melnichenko: the prize “For the top speed of play” was awarded to Daniel Hattaka from Espoo Blues (Finland), the prize for courage in the nomination “For the best body checking” was awarded to Klara Mueller, captain of HC Klaipeda, Lithuania, and the prize “For the most efficient defence” went to Denis Nechayev, a player of Viktoria.

Having been cooperating with MCC EuroChem for many years since 2013, PR agency R.I.M. Porter Novelli provides integrated information and arrangement support for the children’s hockey tournament in Novomoskovsk.