R.I.M. Porter Novelli

The ‘Silver Archer’ student week in the MEDIA-WORKSHOP format takes place in Khabarovsk


On October 26-27 Pacific National University in Khabarovsk hosted a MEDIA-WORKSHOP as part of the student week of the ‘Silver Archer’ National Award.

The topic of the student MEDIA-WORKSHOP in 2017 covered special media projects: the practice of new integration between the media and PR. For two days teams of students of Pacific National University had been developing media projects aimed at attracting attention to the territory of the Bolshoy Ussuriysky Island.

Lectures were given by the CEO and Partner of the communication agency R.I.M. Porter Novelli, Jacob Minevich, and experts for the special project design from TASS Russian News Agency. Specialists from the media and the PR industry of the Far East shared their regional practice. Experts told about the specific features of special project implementation in the media, subtle details of the interaction between press centres and the media editorial offices, the trends in the visual presentation of ideas and capabilities of the regional and federal media.

Jacob Minevich met with the President of Pacific National University, Sergey Ivanchenko, and the Chairperson of the Advertising and Public Relations Department, Yuliya Markina, to speak about the possibility for students of Pacific National University to do their internship in the communication agency R.I.M. Porter Novelli, approaches to teaching students in an institution of higher education of the Far East and their training level. Jacob Minevich also met with the residents of the Far Eastern PR School where the practising experts discussed the prospects of participation of the Far Eastern projects in the ‘Silver Archer’ National Award.

At the end of the MEDIA-WORKSHOP students defended their projects. Several hours before the presentation Jacob Minevich met with each team and gave an individual expert session. The discussion of the projects helped students understand how to make a proper presentation, and they also saw new advantages of their projects and rejected weak solutions.

Each team had an advisor, one of the practising specialists in the field of communications in the Khabarovsk territory, who together with the students of Pacific National University was involved in the development of ideas and projects. Tatyana Mikhalitsyna (Khabarovsk Electrical Services), Olga Chugunova (Rostelecom), Mariya Iljina (the Far Eastern Bank of Sberbank of Russia), Yuliya Soloshenko (Gazprom Gas Distribution in the Far East) and Anna Bazaeva (producer and author of media projects) worked with the teams.

‘We gave the first place to the project where we observed a vivid PR idea’, said Jacob Minevich, summing up the results of the MEDIA-WORKSHOP. ‘The students found a very good and succinct metaphor for the meaning the island has for people who live in the city and who will be able to make their ideas come true on the island in the future. The phrase ‘Your white blank sheet of paper’ became the title and at the same time the key PR message of the project’.

The grand prize for the students of Pacific National University who took part in the MEDIA-WORKSHOP was an opportunity to do their internship in the communication agency R.I.M. Porter Novelli. Jacob Minevich selected two students who had shown their skills and knowledge in the field of public relations and had properly proven themselves in the course of the project defence. The lucky winners were second year students of the Advertising and Public Relations Department at Pacific National University, Maksim Kushchenko and Anastasiya Yatsuk.