R.I.M. Porter Novelli

Family celebration for Ingosstrakh employees


On June 10 the communication agency R.I.M. Porter Novelli and FinProsvetClub held a corporative event for the families of Ingosstrakh Insurance Company employees as part of the company’s 70-year anniversary celebration.

The main concept of the event was the insurance of the future, which allowed the participants both to find out more about the history of insurance at Ingosstrakh corporate museum, and to learn about important events in the history of the company and its achievements, as well as to dip into the future.

The program was fill of various activities related to insurance. Parents and their children were able to participate in the interactive game called Profession: Insurance Agent specially designed for the event. Using funny and cautionary examples from fairy tales and famous cartoons, the little participants and their parents decided under what type of insurance different plots could fall.

The families also solved special TRIZ and various puzzles related to insurance and financial awareness, painted their own insurance boards – insurance company plates that used to be installed on the front of an insured building or above the door of an insured apartment.

A module of the Mars Station was placed at the ground in front of the museum where everyone could discover the achievements of Ingosstrakh in space insurance and try to navigate the Mars rover Curiosity.
Sergey Makarov and Anastasia Tarasova – financial advisers – gave a lecture on family and personal budget generation, tax advantages and benefits for young families.

Various sports games in the open air and upbeat music helped to add several more kilometres to the total distance of Ingosstrakh project 70 Laps Around the World aimed at recording physical activity of each employee from Kaliningrad to Kamchatka as part of preparations for the company’s 70-year anniversary celebration.

Ingosstrakh noted that the organizers managed to create a casual and relaxed atmosphere and such events for the employees’ families will surely become a part of corporate culture in one of the leading Russian insurance companies.