The very first section of the Central Ring Road is open for traffic


On the 10th of November a section of the fifth construction stage of the Central Ring Road (CRR) to bypass Zvenigorod was open for traffic; this event was supported by the communication agency R.I.M. Porter Novelli. As a high priority for the government, the CRR construction is an infrastructure project implemented by Avtodor State Company.

The opening ceremony was attended by Maxim Sokolov, Minister of Transport of Russia, Sergey Kelbakh, Chairman of the Board of Avtodor State Сompany, and Andrey Vorobyev, Governor of the Moscow region.

The new section is over 3.6 km long. Bypassing Zvenigorod, the road will mitigate the problem of transit cargo transport and traffic jams in this historical town of Russia, that used to pollute the local ecosystem and damage the numerous memorial sites of history and architecture.

As soon as the CRR is completed (529.9 km in total), it will become the key element of the transport system of the Moscow region, reducing the transit load of the Moscow Ring Road and roads leading to highway exits, and will also become the main support for the network of highways in Russia and a part of the international transport routes.

The CRR will fall into technical grade 1 with the rated speed of 120 km/h. It will be equipped with a modern automatic road control system, weather monitoring stations, helicopter sites, emergency communication facilities, relaxation areas for drivers and service zones.

The communication agency R.I.M. Porter Novelli has been providing comprehensive communication support to Avtodor State Company since 2012.