World Without Waste — Coca-Cola follows up


On World Recycling Day November 15, the Coca‑Cola System in Russia, ERA Foundation and EcoTechnologies Group summarized the second year of the Federal Program “Sort With Us” aimed at promotion of the culture and practice of segregated waste collection, and announced the expansion of the program as well as new partner initiatives.

The Sort With Us Program is being implemented as part of the global Coca-Cola strategy – World Without Waste. Coca-Cola set a sustainable packaging goal, i.e. switch over to fully recyclable packaging by 2025 and ensure 100-percent collection and recycling of the equivalent of every bottle or can it sells globally by 2030.

In Russia, the Sort With Us program has been running since 2016. It is composed of two parts: infrastructural part, which includes distribution of waste containers, collection and recycling of packaging waste, and educational part aimed to educate the public on what, how and where to collect and recycle. In the two years, the company installed 4,500 waste containers in 40 cities of Russia, collected and recycled about 50,000 tons of packaging waste. Over 800,000 people took part in the educational part of the Sort With Us Program.

The implementation of the large-scale information campaign in support of segregated waste collection in all the 12 stadiums of 2018 FIFA World Cup and FIFA fan festivals became on the most important initiatives of the Sort With Us program in close cooperation with FIFA and Russia-2018 Organizational Committee. Apart from the infrastructural measures for the collection and segregation of waste, a comprehensive educational program for segregated waste collection was for the first time implemented for employees, volunteers and fans attending football matches. More than 1,300 navigation placards were placed above the waste containers in the stadiums. Educational video clips were broadcast on the screens and media facades of the stadiums and at FIFA fans festivals. Joint efforts of Coca-Cola and its partners helped collect and remove for recycling more than 32 tons of PET plastics, which is the equivalent of 100-percent PET bottles of Coca-Cola sold at the World Cup 2018.

The Sort With Us program attracts more and more followers no only among the population, but also among social and educational organizations. Coca-Cola System in Russia and the Russian Red Cross Society signed a memorandum of understanding on cooperation in the field of environmental education and emergency intervention. British Higher School of Art and Design presented an exhibition of young artists and designers stimulating segregated collection of waste and eco-friendly lifestyle.

At the panel discussion, the participants and organizers gave their comments regarding successful results of the Sort With Us program and plans for its further development.

Michael Vinet, Coca-Cola System in Russia General Manager of the FIFA 2018 Project: “The world is facing the challenge of recycling consumer package waste, and our World Without Waste vision is designed to help meet this challenge. Plastic bottles and cans can be of benefit to the public if they are designed and recycled correctly. A waste-free world is real, and we want to promote this vision. That is why we announced this bold and ambitious goal: collect and recycle every single bottle or can we sell by 2030.”

Federico Addiechi, FIFA’s Head of Sustainability and Diversity: “Our past experience has shown that responsible waste management is the critically important issue that helps make FIFA World Cups sustainable in their development. Therefore, we are pleased with the results we managed to achieve jointly with the Organizational Committee, Coca-Cola and stadium operators in the field of waste management and recycling. We hope that the legacy of our program will help make segregated waste collection and recycling even more accessible within the framework of large-scale arrangements in Russia.”

Raisa Lukutsova, Chairperson of the Russian Red Cross Society: “International Red Cross has been actively cooperating with Coca-Cola all over the world, and our organization is happy to offer such cooperation in the field of environmental responsibility here, in Russia. In the course of any disaster cleanup operations, we shall jointly perform collection of waste for its further recycling. Also, we shall arrange and conduct educational activities for the citizens at the regional branches of the Russian Red Cross to explain them the basics of environmentally-friendly behavior and the importance of segregated waste collection.”

Anastasia Butrym, Director of the British Higher School of Art and Design: “We are happy to join the Sort With Us program. For us, the important area of focus involves responsible design, and 2018 within our school was declared as the Year of Ecology. Out contribution to the project will include an exhibition of young artists and designers promoting healthy and eco-friendly lifestyles. All authors endeavor to not only inform the spectators, but also motivate them, call for action, for instance, for the participation in the Share With Us program.”

Artem Korolev, a TV presenter, Ambassador of the Share With Us program, Member of the Jury for All-Russian Ecological Flash Mob: “Everyone can set aside some time and try to change the situation in our country related to segregated waste collection and recycling. People in other countries have already done it. Just telling your family and friends about this issue can change the situation. And next time, when passing by waste containers, just throw your empty plastic bottle in the correct recycling bin. This way, we can start making life space around us more comfortable and safe.”

R.I.M. Communications Agency has been guiding the “Sort with Us” Project since the date of its commencement, by providing comprehensive consulting, organizational and communication support.