R.I.M. Porter Novelli

The beauty and diversity of Estonia through the lens


The Estonian Tourist Board supported by the communication agency R.I.M. Porter Novelli arranges an exhibition of works of Estonian photographers named “The Colours of Estonia” which will be held from September 5 to October 4 at Flacon Design Factory.

The photo exhibition is a part of the programme for celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia. The centenary programme has already begun in April 2017, 100 years since the incorporation of Estonian settlements, and continue through to 2 February 2020 – a century since the signing of the Tartu Peace Treaty. The history of Estonia formation is a unique event, whose authors, directors and performers were people themselves, and this history comprises a large number of important events which are special to the citizens of this Baltic republic.

The guests of the exhibition will be presented with 28 photographs demonstrating the natural beauty and extraordinary diversity of this country. Each piece of work will be accompanied by a card with interesting facts about Estonia, for example:

  • Tallinn is the best preserved medieval city in northern Europe,
  • 22% of Estonia are covered by virgin bogs and the air in Estonia is believed to be one of the purest in the world,
  • Estonia is a Mecca for ornithologists as the number of species of wild birds registered in Estonia amounts to 386.

The exhibition includes a competition. Its participants should attend the exhibition, take a picture with the photograph they like in the background, post the picture in the special Facebook section on the official page of Estonia, and add a comment why this photograph is the best and why they want to go to Estonia. The winner will get their favourite photograph printed in high resolution.

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