R.I.M. Porter Novelli

The AKMR Committee involved into the work on the development of amendments to the law “On mass media”


On October 6, at the office of R.I.M. Porter Novelli agency, a regular meeting of the Russian Association of Communication Directors and Corporate Publishing was held, in the course of which a plan for further actions in the development of the GR sphere in Russia was worked out. “We are actively involved in the work on the professional standard draft project: a team of experts in the field of law and education has been gathered, international experience has been studied, a number of studies have been carried out”, – said Semyon Zhavoronkov, the chairman of the Committee and the head of the practice of interaction with public authorities and regulators of R.I.M. Porter Novelli agency.

The members of the Committee discussed the difficulties that the large business faced in connection with the entry into force of FZ-350 with a new revision of the Law On mass media. The President of AKMR, the Vice-Chairman of the Shell Corporation in Russia Igor Ignatiev noted: “The restrictions on the mass media have had serious affect on corporate publications. A significant part of large Russian companies with foreign investors fell under the law on 20 percent of foreign ownership and had to close their corporate publications. These newspapers and magazines were published for employees and external customers of companies. Restrictions also affected advertising leaflets with information about discounts and new offers”. At the meeting of the committee it was decided to collect factual information from the market confirming the negative impact of the introduced amendments to the operating activities of the companies and information on the losses borne by federal budget. Based on this information it will be possible to continue work on additional, narrower recommendations for introduction of amendments to the current body of legislation”.

AKMR will continue consulting with the representatives of other business associations and industry associations to develop a common position and recommendations for introduction of amendments to the legislation. Relevant consulting and joint work will be carried out with other associations on the development of professional standards in the specialty of an expert in the field of interaction with state bodies and public associations.

At the meeting of the Committee, the Regulation on its activities was approved and the work plan for 2017 was discussed.

The AKMR Committee on the development of interaction between business and the authorities was established in 2016. It includes the representatives from large corporations and agencies that on a professional basis operate in the field of GR. The main task of the Committee’s work is the creation and institutionalization of instruments for an equal dialogue between the representatives of business and government authorities, development and promotion of normative documents regulating this dialogue, the creation of a knowledge database and exchange of experience available to all parties concerned.