Kola Peninsula: Bloggers in Search of a Vanished Civilization


In early July, with the support of R.I.M. Porter Novelli communication agency, a blog-tour, or rather a search expedition to the Kola Peninsula, to the area of ​​the mystical and poorly researched Seydozer was organized.  Participants of the project “The Two and Aloe”, the authors of youtube channel “On its own” and the founder of the project “Urban Turism” searched the Kola Peninsula for traces of the ancient disappeared civilization of Hyperborea.

Mention of Hyperborea can be found even in the texts of ancient authors from Homer to Plutarch.  That was the name given by ancient Greeks to the huge continent, which was located far to the north, presumably on the site of the present Kola Peninsula.  After a large-scale cataclysm, apparently connected with the fall to the Earth of an impressive space object, most of the continent has gone to the bottom, only the separate highlands that have become islands and archipelagos have escaped destruction. And then a sharp cold snap and Arctic ice came.

The blog-tour participants spent 5 days in the area of ​​the Lovozero tundra, where they examined the ancient seids, found the silhouette of the giant Kuyva on the rock, and discovered the ruins of the temple complex on the Ninchur mountain.  Details of the expedition, a photo-report and exciting stories of the participants can be found on social networks by hashtag # KovdorStolitsaHyperborei.

The Kola Peninsula and the Murmansk Region carry a huge tourist potential, but are not yet appreciated by the wide tourist community.  The EuroChem company conducts an active social policy and develops infrastructure in the regions of its presence.  The outcome of the project “Kovdor – the capital of Hyperborea” should be the increase of interest among tourists to the Murmansk Region and the development of tourist infrastructure.

The blog-tour was organized by R.I.M. Porter Novelli agency as part of an integrated communication support of the activities carried out by MHK EuroChem JSC.