The team of the State Company Avtodor receives a certificate of appreciation from the Russian President


On August 3, 2017 a time capsule symbolising the beginning of the construction of a loop section of the federal highway M4 Don round Loseva settlement and Pavlovsk (633 km – 715 km) was buried at the ceremony organized with the communication support of R.I.M. Porter Novelli agency.

The ceremony was attended by Aide to the President of the Russian Federation, Igor Levitin; Chairman of the Board of the Russian Highways State Company, Sergei Kelbakh; and Governor of the Voronezh region, Aleksey Gordeev.

During the official ceremony Igor Levitin awarded Sergei Kelbakh a certificate of appreciation for the team of the company from Russian President Vladimir Putin as acknowledgement of the success they had achieved in their work and high performance in their professional activity. ‘Avtodor has been created to build roads that significantly differ from the roads in Europe. We need highways tailored for the cars which will be used in five years: electric cars and remotely piloted vehicles. You are on the right track and we will be glad to support you!’ Igor Levitin said. ‘It is our mutual result’, Sergei Kelbakh pointed out when he addressed the staff of the company.

After opening speeches guests of honour signed the note to be buried and then hid the capsule with the note in the concrete base. The participants of the ceremony expressed their confidence that the road would be finished in time with the help of advanced technologies and would become one of the best roads in the country.

Before the time capsule burial ceremony, to commemorate the beginning of the construction Aleksey Gordeev, Igor Levitin and Sergei Kelbakh took part in the panel discussion ‘About the Interim Results of Implementation and Development Prospects of the Federal Highway M4 Don Round Investment Program’. During the discussion they touched upon aspects of development of a capillary network of roads and driveways and the maximum connection to the highway of all major population centres, transport and logistics hubs and recreation areas. They also discussed issues concerning road traffic safety and repair organization in summer. The discussion also covered the prospects and specific features of road construction with regard to the changing traffic flow and vehicles themselves.

‘We don’t need to catch up with European countries; we must be better and make a breakthrough which will surpass the roads currently existing in other countries. Already now we must build roads tailored for the cars which will be used in five years. The Russian Highways State Company has everything it needs for this purpose’, Igor Levitin underlined.

The media tour was organized by R.I.M. Porter Novelli agency as part of comprehensive communication support for the State Company Avtodor which has been provided since 2012.