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Invaluable Conversation between Konstantin Raikin and Journalists Organized by Mastercard


Mastercard expands the venue for Cultural Breakfasts and holds its first event at the theater. Satirikon celebrates its 80th anniversary this year, and this event provided the basis for the agenda of the meeting of journalists and bloggers with the Artistic Managing Director of the theater – Konstantin Arkadievich Raikin.

“Cultural breakfast” is a collective name of the Mastercard series of events, during which participants, journalists and bloggers are given a unique opportunity to communicate with people from the world of culture or art community: painters, photographers, cinema and theater personalities. Meetings take place on the eve of significant events, such as the opening of exhibitions, premieres of films or performances.

In Satirikon, journalists and bloggers in an open dialogue format discussed with Konstantin Raikin modern theater art, the theater’s creative plans, and also learned how the viewers could get invaluable impressions from visits to performances.

“Satirikon Theater has a fundamentally small repertoire, but a fairly wide range of interests – from classical drama to contemporary plays. Creative energy should hit in terms of quality, not in the form of quantity, and a large repertoire is a consequence of poor management,” says Konstantin Raikin.

“I have old-fashioned but unshakable principles. I will never allow light versions of theatrical art and negligence and shirking on stage. If I don’t see any joy on an artist’s face when I distribute roles, or should I notice that he doesn’t try very hard on stage, I will never give him any role again,” said the Artistic Director of Satirikon Theater.

“Interaction with the audience is an interesting science. I am changing with the spectators. We are in a common stream: we live in the same time, stay in the same environment, we have the same problems,” Konstantin Raikin explained his connection with the audience.

“According to the schedule, the construction of the theater should be completed in the fall of 2020, and we look forward to working in the new space,” says Konstantin.

“Students have no imagination or fantasy, because they are not accustomed to reading. Reading for them is not a pleasure, but coercion. They are not accustomed to take trouble,” Konstantin Raikin shared his opinion about the contemporary students of the theater school.

“If I have a goal, I will strive to achieve it. I may fail, but I have a serious belief that I will succeed. Life is about living, take everything from it and not lie on the couch. Try something and work, make a move,” said Konstantin about internal motivation.

“I never starred or acted in anything for what I was promised a lot of money unless it coincided with my creative interests. I went through almost all stages of need and hardships, and I know what it means to be hungry or in dire straits, when you do not have enough money even for the most necessary. I know what temptations and seductions there may be. But I never participated in what went against my interests. This is immoral,” the leader of Satirikon Theater shared his thoughts with the guests.

Realizing the call “Make Invaluable Possible”, the tech company Mastercard supports cultural events around the world. In Russia, one of the Mastercard partners is the Russian State Theater Satirikon named after Arkady Raikin. The meeting of Mastercard guests with the Artistic Director of Satirikon Theater became an important milestone on the way of cooperation between the world of art and business.

R.I.M. communication agency has been providing support for various Mastercard initiatives in Russia since 2017.

Konstantin Raikin at the “Cultural Breakfast” organized by Mastercard