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The solemn ceremony of the Highest Legal Award “Femida-2014” takes place in Moscow


The solemn ceremony of the Highest Legal Award “Femida-2014” took place on February 19 in the Chamber Hall of the Moscow International House of Music.  The ceremony was visited by the leading representatives of the Russian legal society, state and public leaders.

To commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory, the legal society and the Expert Award Council particularly noted the outstanding lawyers and legal experts – participants of the Great Patriotic War, with many of them still actively working for the good of society. Wartime melodies were played and Russian wartime poems were recited in the hall. The ceremony participants expressed their gratitude to the Victorious Generation, which many prize winners of “Femida-2014” belong to.

In the opening speech, Igor Zolotovitsky read the greeting of Sergey Naryshkin, Chairman of the State Duma, who said that “Femida” Award will “promote the image of legal profession, declare moral values and become the uniting factor for all members of the Russian legal society”.

The prize in “Victory Day” nomination was awarded to Boris Leontiev, Doctor of Legal Sciences, Professor of M. V. Lomonosov Moscow State University.

The prize in “International Cooperation” nomination was awarded to Ilkham Mamedgasanogly Ragimov, Doctor of Legal Sciences and Honored Lawyer of the Republic of Azerbaijan .

The prize in “Law school” nomination was awarded to Aleksandr Zagvozdin, Major General of Justice, Honored Lawyer of the Russian Federation.

The prize in “Scientist” nomination was awarded to Yury Orlovsky, Head of Employment Law Department of the Higher School of Economics .

Veniamin Chirkin, Doctor of Legal Sciences, the leading research scientist of the Institute of State And Law of RAS was awarded the prize in “Comparative law” nomination.

The prize in “Memory of the Victory” nomination was awarded to Aleksandr Zvyagintsev, First Сlass State Counselor of Justice, Deputy Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation .

Mikhail Zakharov, Doctor of Legal Sciences, Professor, was awarded the prize in “State Service” nomination.

The prize in “Union of Lawyers” nomination was awarded to Lyudmila Nosova, Deputy Chairman of the International Union of Lawyers.

Natalia Klishina, Lieutenant Colonel of Justice, Senior Investigator of Especially Important Cases, was awarded the prize in “Commonwealth of Independent States” nomination.

The prize in “Russia and Europe” traditional nomination was awarded to Hans-Horst Konkolewsky, General Secretary of the International Social Security Association.

The prize in “Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States” nomination was awarded to Gagik Kazinyan, Chairman of the Union of Lawyers of the Republic of Armenia, Dean of Legal Department of the Yerevan State University.

The “Femida-2014” Award Ceremony has aroused a great deal of interest – the Chamber Hall could not accommodate all guests. The live-stream was organized in the lobby for the guests who failed to find a place in the Hall. Undoubtedly, such public attention is the evidence of the importance of “Femida” Award for the whole Russian legal society.

The highest legal award “Femida” is the oldest and the most reputed legal Russian award established in 1996 by Moscow Club of Lawyers. The award is not a competition in its ordinary sense. The award is given people who greatly contributed to the development of the institutions of rule-of-law state irrespective of their position and whether they have a direct relation to law science.

R.I.M. Porter Novelli Agency provided a complex communicational and organizational support of the award, including media coverage, development and content support of the award official web-site, and the arrangement of “Femida-2014” Ceremony.