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Titanic Hotels breathe new life into Mardan Palace – one of the most expensive hotels in Turkey


On April 30, the legendary 5-star hotel which is now named Titanic Mardan Palace in honor of the new owner – Titanic Hotels – began to take in guests. The luxurious hotel preserved the decor of the palace made of gold, marble and crystal. However, the range of colors of the interior became quieter and more restrained, additional restaurants offer their menus and new types of suites are awaiting their guests. Good news for parents: Titanic Mardan Palace now caters to the needs of both adults and children. Coral Travel was among the first tour operators to offer package tours to the renewed and refurbished hotel.
The guests from various parts of the globe were met and welcomed in the hotel lobby with Moet Chandon champagne, Turkish delight and chocolate-dipped strawberries to make them feel like a royalty in the luxury interior of the palace. The first guests could right away appreciate the splendors of the renewed hotel which remained closed until the fall of 2018, when it was taken under control of Titanic Hotels.
The new management company did not touch the most luxurious parts of the glorious hotel design, such as leaf gold which covers 10,000 sq. m of the hotel space, bardiglio marble (23,000 sq. m) and crystals decorating lobby, rooms, corridors and even elevators (500,000 sq. m). One of the most expensive ceiling lamps that hangs above the central staircase in the lobby is decorated with Swarovski crystals and weighs over 2,500 kg. The previous owner left some original paintings in the lobby and hotel suites, as well as grandiose musical fountain surrounded by beautiful sculptures in front of the hotel. At the same time, the guests who used to live in the Mardan Palace before the restoration could not help noticing the changes in the color pattern of the interior: hushed tones were replaced by more sober, brighter tones with prevailing turquoise colors, which now symbolize the sea, sky and Mediterranean warmth. Thus, the grand staircase in the lobby, which is considered one of the hotel attractions, is now covered with a turquoise carpet instead of the read one. The palette of hotel rooms has also changed: for this purpose, the velour on the expensive Italian furniture was re-covered. As of today, the management company paid for the renovation of the hotel EUR 17 mln. However, the work is not completed yet, and the guests can observe the transformation process with their own eyes.
After appreciating the glamorous lobby in the style of Dolmabahçe Palace with 21 m high stained glass, sky-like ceiling decorated with traditional folk-craft motives of the Ottoman Empire, the guests are escorted by personal assistants into less decorated rooms. Personal butlers will serve tourists who stay in the apartments of premium class and can be called any time 24/7. Depending on the season, the hotel is serviced by 1,200 to 1,400 employees daily.
The hotel is the embodiment of Istanbul, combining cultures of the West and East. The suites in the Anatolian part of the hotel are made in Ottoman style – plenty of gold, crystals, Persian carpets and showers resembling Hamman with a starry sky. By contrast, the European part of the hotel has minimalist-style rooms.
Totally, Titanic Mardan Palace has 543 rooms. The novelties include pool duplex suites and premium pool duplex suites with direct access to the pool. Previously, just outside these suites, there was a canal on which gondolas used to be sailing. The owners decided to reject the canal in favor of spacious personal terraces with deck chairs for the apartments.
During the opening ceremony, the guests were served with traditional Turkish delights and delicatessen at the main restaurant of the hotel – Bosphorus. Apart from the local cuisine, the guests of Titanic Mardan Palace could to try other national cuisines at Mediterranean, Indian, Italian and Greek restaurants. Places for dinner can be changed every day as far as the hotel has 10 restaurants, nine of which are a la carte. All these restaurants are operated under the capable guidance of chef Seyit Tezgel who used to manage cuisines at Titanic Hotels in Bodrum and Belek. According to the first feedback, the guests liked most of all the dishes cooked in the steakhouse Beef Grill Club, where they were served with exclusively local meat from the Turkish farms in Thrace Region. The restaurants of Titanic Mardan Palace are worth visiting at least for the entourage and valuable trifles. For instance, Beşiktaş Royal Restaurant serves silver cutlery, which makes you feel like a high-ranking nobleman.
At nights, the hotel guests were entertained with a diverse musical program. There was a surprise for classic music fans – sudden performances in the lobby delivered by opera singers of the Antalya State Theatre of Opera and Ballet as well as pianists. By the way, the latter played EUR 1 mln worth grand pianos made from malachite and gold. Concerts of classic music were followed by spectacular shows by Russian and International pop stars. May Fest Titanic Hotels featured Valery Meladze, Grigory Leps, Anna Sedokova, EMIN, Lara Fabian, Todes Ballet, Fire of Anatolia Show and others, who entertained the hotel guests.
You were free to continue the night at a three-story Monkey Club or any other bar out of total 22 drinking establishments. Titanic Mardan Palace offers an impressive cocktail menu – more than 100 signature alcoholic beverages and over 120 soft drinks.
Relaxed travelers were able to start their morning on a golf course with 27 holes overlooking Taurus Mountains and the Mediterranean Sea, and then get some beach time on white sand that never gets hot or relax in a SPA. BeFine Spa & Thalasso with 7,500 sq. m floor area offers dozens of massage types, including branded “Titanic” massage that combines several techniques. SPA, Turkish hammams, salt spa therapy room, saunas with various temperature modes, Russian baths, open and closed heated pools are the disposal of hotel guests.
Before the renovation, Mardan Palace was not children-oriented. Now, it cordially invites kids and parents for accommodation. There is a children’s club and aqua park near the beach. Small children may be left with a nurse, while elder kids can enjoy entertaining and educational programs arranged by hotel animators, or go in for sports, play football, volleyball or do archery. Moreover, the hotel takes care in proper catering for young guests: restaurants have special menus for children.
This hotel looks like a real Eastern Palace. When walking along golden corridors, you can come across a hall with slot machines, billiard tables and bowling alleys. And in the Maiden’s Tower, you will find a Tower Roof Bar, from where you will have the best panoramic view of the entire hotel space.
The owners of Titanic Mardan Palace are sure that the Eastern Palace will first attract tourists from Russia, CIS and the Middle East. Selcuk Bugay, Deputy CEO for Sales & Marketing at Coral Travel, said that Coral Elite Department of the company will be engaged in the sale of the premium 5-star hotel. Despite the fact that the hotel has just opened, there will be no discount for the guests. Titanic Mardan Palace oriented at the premium guests who place a high value on the quality of service. In its new embodiment, the hotel will maintain the “all inclusive” format, however, without any dumping. Therefore, we do not bargain on explosive popularity, we reckon on organic growth. Thus, the early booking price for one-week tour including accommodation in a standard double in June will start at 285,000 rubles. Our common goal with Titanic Mardan Palace is to achieve 70-85% occupancy in summer, and I believe that it is quite possible with regard to the outstanding experience of Titanic network which already comprises 14 hotels in Turkey and Germany,” Selcuk Bugay underlined.
Early in May, R.I.M. Communications Agency organized a press tour for the journalists from Russia’s leading media to attend the Titanic Mardan Palace opening ceremony.