R.I.M. Porter Novelli

“PRO Money”: Exciting Edutainment for All Ages


On April 22, the agency R.I.M. Porter Novelli with the support of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation organized its first PRO Money family financial festival for children at the age of 6 and older and their parents in ZIL Cultural Center.

The space of the festival was arranged in the form of a “house”, where various activities directly related to finance were carried out in each room, in particular, “Hallway”, “Living Room”, “Kitchen”, “Store”, “Workshop”, “Yard”, “Library”, and “Children’s Room”.

At the entrance to the Bank, every young guest received the starting capital amounting to 20 festics (the festival’s “currency”). Armed with money and energy, the participants went off on an exciting journey to the world of finance.

8 zones, 60 activities, 20 competitions, and about 2,000 participants.

Exhibitions of the Museum of Money and the Museum of Ingosstrakh, IPJSC, were conducted in the Hallway, and professional guides arranged excursions dedicated to the history of money and insurance.

In the course of the day, the Workshop gave free master classes, held seminars, quests, conducted tests, and presentations.

When attending the “Yard”, a special fairground area, every visitor had the opportunity to directly practice selling skills and to boost his/her starting capital. To do so, all and any means were used, such as creative posters, promotional campaigns, verbal advertising, dances, songs, etc. The ingenuity of young entrepreneurs and their parents displayed boundless ingenuity: apart from goods, they offered services, for example, gave their master class in break dance. Someone thought of purchase as to the goods manufactured by others and of their subsequent resales at dual price. One of the daddies even offered to hold a 10-minute conversation with his son at the price of 5 festics.

Since you have earned it, you may spend it! For these purposes, two zones were offered within the area of the festival: the “Shop” that sold books, T-shirts, sweets, souvenirs, learning games, construction sets, accessories for girls and many more things, as well as the Kitchen.

The “Soyuzmultfilm” Studio prepared a selection of cartoons for very small guests on the subject of finance, and the “Aeroplan” animation studio showed several episodes of children’s animated show “Fiksiki” in the “Children’s Room”. Also, for small a musical called “Golden Web” was shown on the stage of the Small Hall by musical and dramatic “Theater from A to Z”.

The “Living Room” presented a variety of online and offline games related to money, as well as an exhibition of piggy banks and a TRIZ on the subject of finance. The final event of the festival was turned into a powerful performance by Sasha Davydova, a participant of “The Voice. Children” show accompanied by the “Velikan” choir.

Throughout the day, the “Library” hosted some reputable financial management specialists, celebrities, psychologists and business trainers, including Anna Zelentsova, international financial literacy expert, strategic coordinator of a joint project of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation and the World Bank Financial Education and Financial Literacy Project; Guzelia Imayeva, General Director of National Agency for Financial Studies (NAFI); Yelena Ishcheyeva, journalist, executive director of the information portal Banki.ru, project manager of Finparty.ru; Vladimir Frolov, organizer of the festival, financial literacy expert, partner of R.I.M. Porter Novelli communication agency; Jan Art, Editor-in-Chief of Finversia.ru portal, President of Finarty, Vice-President of Association of Regional Banks of Russia; Sergey Makarov, financial consultant, personal financial planning expert; Anastasia Tarasova, independent financial adviser, popular blogger Nastya_docs and others. They talked to the parents on urgent topics, namely, how to talk with children about money, how to avoid financial mistakes, why it is important to give lessons of financial literacy to children, how to manage one’s personal budget, how to avoid falling into traps of scammers and much more.

Vladimir Frolov, ideologist of the festival, held a presentation dedicated to the book Children and Money for joint creativity of parents and children in the augmented reality format powered by AWESPACE. During the presentation, he shared his plans as to further development of the topic of financial literacy with the guests and the participants .

“I think that the format of game training, which we have chosen as basic concept of our festival this spring, is optimal for all ages”, V. Frolov emphasized in his speech. “It reveals all aspects of specific monetary philosophy to each member of the family in a balanced and accessible way. Our goal is to change the financial consciousness of a person and to form good and useful monetary habits starting from early childhood. In Western countries, within the framework of the Global Money Week, a concept of money-smart is introduced. I believe we need to make this concept popular in Russia, and certain amount of financial to household debts, rash and sometimes even foolish financial decisions that is detrimental for both the world’s economy and the economy of any particular country, as well as for the well-being of every single family.”

The festival showed that the subject of financial literacy has no age limits: the knowledge of how to earn, save, not to fall into traps of scammers, not to buy a pig in a poke, and hew to correctly distribute one’s money in the form of edutainment may be useful for both adults and children. We managed to talk about difficult things in a simple and exciting way, as well as involving both adults and children in a team work, and creating the atmosphere of family values and unity.

The agency R.I.M. Porter Novelli became the organizer of PRO Money family financial festival, and Vladimir Frolov happened to be its main ideologist, as well as the agency’s partner, main expert and head of a group of experts in the Information campaign of the Financial Education project and Financial Literacy Project in the Russian Federation, as well as the author of the books “The First Children’s Coloring Book about Money”, “Children and Money” (a book for cooperative creativity of parents and children), as well as the author and the draftsman of the book “Proverbs and Sayings about Money”.

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