R.I.M. Porter Novelli

R.I.M. Porter Novelli Agency congratulated the best directors for corporate communications in Russia


Dinner in honor of Top 100 directors and departments for corporate communications and corporate relations in Russia, according to the second all-Russian rating AKMR “TOP-COMM 2015”, took place on September 17 at SAVVA Metropol hotel restaurant.  The dinner was initiated and organized by RIM Porter Novelli Communications Agency.

The party was hosted by the Chairman of RIM  Porter Novelli  Agency Board of Directors of  Igor Pisarsky and the President of AKMR Igor Ignatyev, while the Chef Cook of Metropol Andrey Shmakov prepared a special menu for the guests. The jazz trio of Sergey Zhilin’s orchestra was responsible for maintaining musical atmosphere of the event.

“As we know, Russian communication industry is facing difficult times.  Therefore, it is so important now to celebrate the work of the best professionals in our community.  We gathered our colleagues to launch the incoming business season.  Naturally, the results of any rating are multivalued, but in our case, it is clear that all the participants of TOP-100 are nice people and professionals in their field, and we were very pleased to meet them in this friendly atmosphere”, – Igor Pisarsky noted.

In the course of the dinner, the best professionals of the industry were distinguished according to AKMR rating:
The best Directors and Departments for Corporate Communications and Corporate Relations in Russia:  Anton Nazarov (Inter RAO), Irina Arkhipova (Coca-Cola HBC Eurasia), Dmitry Agishev (Deutsche Bank) and Elena Kokhanovskaya (MTS).

The best Organization in the Field of Corporate Communications and Corporate Relations in Russia:  Inter RAO.

The most Efficient Operation in the Field of External Corporate Communications in Russia:  Margarita Nagoga (The Pension Fund of Russia).

The best Department for Corporate Communications and Corporate Relations in Russia: Aeroflot.