R.I.M. Porter Novelli

Sensory Garden in Pharmaceutic Garden: Five Senses Story Continuation


On July 17, in the Botanical Garden of Moscow State University, with the communication and organizational support of R.I.M. Porter Novelli Agency, a grand opening of the Sensory Garden was held, which is the continuation of the Sensory Garden of the Five Senses. It is a joint project of the trademark “Pomidorka” and the Pharmaceutic Garden.

The welcoming speeches were given by Director of the Pharmaceutic Garden Alexey Reteyum, Head of the Meshchansky District Department Dmitry Basharov, and the representative of the trademark “Pomidorka” Nadezhda Marich.  After the official part, everyone interested could take part in master classes for children and adults conducted by the Head Gardener of the Pharmaceutic Garden Anton Dubenyuk, during which he told and showed how to correctly plant and how to care for seedlings.

Wards from the “Co-Unity” Foundation for the Support of Deafblind who came to the feast gladly planted tomatoes and peppers under the guidance of a specialist. Sensory Garden is very convenient for people with disabilities – the distance between the beds is wide and equipped with ramps so that a person in a wheelchair could easily pass therebetween. And for people with visual impairments, the only way to “see” plants is to touch them, to feel their fragrance, to taste the fruits.  In the Sensory Garden, it became possible.

“The social component of the project is very important for us. We are for a comfortable urban environment and equal opportunities for all.  In addition, it is impossible to overestimate the educational value of the project for small Muscovites.  Urban children often do not know where the vegetables come from. In the Sensory Garden, they can not only observe different stages of development and growth of plants, but also eat the ripened fruit directly from the beds,” the representative of the trademark “Pomidorka” Nadezhda Marich commented.

A total of 9 beds were planted, each of which was decorated with a tablet providing interesting facts about tomatoes: “About 8-9 thousand years ago the tribes of local Indians in South America began to cultivate tomatoes”, “The first description of tomatoes in Europe was made in Italy in 1555, where they were called “pomidoro” – “golden apples”, “There are 21 medium-sized tomatoes in a tin can of tomato paste weighing 250 g”.  At the end of the feast, the guests were invited to taste smoothies made from tomatoes according to the recipe of the Chef of the brand “Pomidorka” Vasily Emelianenko.