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Voyage and Entertainment, bonuses and privileges for Premium Mastercard holders


A topical party devoted to the launch of a new Mastercard summer campaign “Voyage and Entertainment” took place at Novikov School on Yakimanka Street in Moscow on July 3, 2019. It was decided to inform the holders of Premium Mastercards about seasonal offers in a very fancy way. The company organized a culinary battle between popular food & travel and lifestyle bloggers. In the course of this battle, Mastercard made proposals and presented privileges for various summer holidays and leisure options, i.e. packages “Travel with Mastercard” and “Enjoy Summer in the City together with Mastercard”.

“The main objective of Mastercard summer campaign is to provide for the Premium Card holders a number of fascinating opportunities whatever they choose. Whether you decide to travel or prefer to stay in the city, the company will support this decision with the most interesting offers,” says Anna Kozlovskaya, Vice-President of Mastercard Communications in the Region of Fast-Growing European Markets.

The package “Travel with Mastercard” offers the Premium Card holders bonuses and privileges during their travels in Russia and abroad (8% cashback of the accommodation and rental fees on www.booking.com, etc.). If the cardholders decide to stay or have just returned from their voyage, they may be interested in the package “Enjoy Summer in the City together with Mastercard”. It contains discounts for the finest restaurants, special offers for visiting theatres, cinema theatres, musical festivals, lectures or master classes (including up to 15% discounts for haute cuisine at NOVIKOV GROUP restaurants).

Popular bloggers who participated in the culinary battle also shared their useful advices on how to organize leisure time during travels in a convenient and beneficial way, and spend summer season in the city entertainingly and excitingly. Two teams of popular bloggers were fighting to win the prize in culinary haute cuisine competitions: “Entertainment” led by Masha Kravtsova @marikakravtsova and “Voyages” headed by Dilya Dolinskaya @dilyaya. Merika’s team presented a dish named “Entertainment”: green taco with baked / roasted shrimps with spicy mango and sweet chili. And Dilya’s team presented a “Voyages” dish”: chicken with confit carrots, fig sauce and prune sauce demi-glace. Moreover, all visitors had an opportunity to attend a master class from chef and restaurant owner Lara Kravtsova who shared receipts of lazy shawarma and incredible labneh with olives and greens. Special guests of the jury – the founder Laura Dzhugelia and Yekateruna Biblova – pointed out the elegance of the concept and perfect teamwork during cooking process.

Format of the culinary battle allowed the participants to get satisfaction from the mere process of joint cooking as well as arrive at consensus. Regardless of your choice — summer voyage or city entertainment — Mastercard will always support cardholders in their wishes and offer new opportunities and convenient solutions.

R.I.M Communications Agency has been providing communicational and organizational support to Mastercard’s initiatives, such as traditional Mastercard and the CHL “Priceless League”, “Priceless Cities in the Cinema” and many other projects.