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Robot adventures, sales secrets and test-drive of business services: DeloBank takes part in Startup Village 2019


Within the framework of the Moscow Week of Entrepreneurship, which is running in Moscow on a grand scale from May 27 to 31, 2019, DeloBank – online bank for entrepreneurs – became an official financial partner for Startup Village in Skolkovo, where the bank represented the Lord of the Robots and organized a master class for its creator — IT entrepreneur Aleksey Yuzhakov.

Startup Village 2019, a unique in its content and scope, annual international conference for techpreneurs, was arranged for the seventh time, and this year coincided with the Moscow Week of Entrepreneurship. Totally, over 120 various events, such as seminars, workshops, presentations, etc., took place in the open air within the framework of Startup Village at Skolkovo — Russia’s first innovation center.

“It stands to reason that DeloBank selected Startup Village and became the financial partner for the event. Here, on a single venue, you can see advanced technologies and inventions that will change the world if not today, then tomorrow,” remarked Irina Kuzmina, Director for Development at DeloBank. “We would like our clients to be similarly enthusiastic and full of spirits in the development of business projects, and DeloBank is prepared to undertake and handle all banking and accounting routine in the meantime. Moreover, we can be proactive, i.e. create and offer new services that would optimize the process and solve all urgent business issues.”

One of the brightest and memorable events of the hi-tech summit in Skolkovo — master class “From Idea to Business. Creation of Smart Robot” organized by Delobank on May 29. It was conducted by Aleksey Yuzhakov — a successful entrepreneur from Perm, co-founder of Promobot company and resident of IT cluster in Skolkovo. The robot has already become a headliner both in Russia and in the world. It became famous for running away from the testing ground in Perm and blocking traffic on several streets, and in Las Vegas it got involved in a road traffic accident with self-driving Tesla. Recently, at the Skolkovo Robotics exhibition, the company presented its Alex – a new unique android-companion, which can express its emotions by mimic. At his master class, Aleksey Yuzhakov focused on the business part of the high technology startup rather than on adventures of his robots: how to monetize cutting-edge hi-tech developments; how to find an investor and sell your idea at a profit under optimal conditions; how to bring your product to market and successfully compete.

“It is very important to focus on something particular, i.e. product, idea, development. If you are dividing your resources into ten parts, you will hardly become the best in any area in contrast to your competitors who do not spread themselves too thin. The efficient way is to select a niche, bone up on it and become expert in it. Stop lazing away and killing your time, and you will be able to make a needle from an iron stick,” Aleksey Yuzhakov remarked. “Very few people need the technology itself, but once you manage to think of how to monetize it, how to make a unique commercial offer or product, you will have a success.”

During all days of Startup Village, the big tent of DeloBank was buzzing with activity: the visitors took part in various arrangements, competitions, tested DeloBank products and services, including modern online cash desk.

“I have been visiting Startup Village for three years.  I’m interested in it as I also develop my own business. At such forums, you can get maximum useful information and dozens of new contacts just within one or two days. I managed to test “DeloKassy” functional — smart terminal for acceptance of payments. It fully covers the needs of my e-shop,” shared his impressions Anton Savin, young entrepreneur from Moscow and one of the participants.

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