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Jury summarizes the results of the 22nd National Award for Public Relations Development – Silver Archer. In the “Master” nomination, the award was given to Director of R.I.M. Communications Agency Jacob Minevich.


The awarding ceremony for the winners of the National Award was held at Metropol Hotel on February 21. The ceremony started with a series of personal nominations. In the nomination “Cultural Contribution”, the statuette of Silver Archer was presented to Mikhail Svydkoy – Artistic Managing Director of the Moscow Theater Musical, Special Representative of Russian President on International Cultural Cooperation for his successful professional and social activities pertaining to cultural policy.

In the nomination “Personality”, the National Award Silver Archer was presented to Aleksey Sorokin – CEO of the Organising Committee for the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia, the current Vice-President of Vnesheconombank, for successful preparation for the FIFA World Cup, which was the best in history. He was welcomed to the stage by mascots of the Russian football team – Vice-President of the IMA Group of Companies Dmitry Gnatyuk and designer Inna Kalenskaya in branded kokoshniks.

Totally, 259 projects were submitted to compete for the National Award, and 35 of them were applied to the nomination “Best Charity Project”. Media Group “Western Press” became laureate for the project “Country of the Others. Children.” The authors of the project try to change the attitude of the society to people with disabilities. A special prize of the Donors Forum was given to the VERA Hospice Charity Fund for the campaign “Children instead of Flowers”.

“In the opinion of the donor community, the activities of the VERA Hospice Charity Fund deserves this award. The project we want to honor is an example of professionalism. Thanks to the properly selected communication strategy, the team of experts managed to make this “hot-button issue” heard. They are not afraid of negative vibes and how to treat them, and a non-standard vision of the problem makes it possible to involve more and more participants and partners in the campaign every year,” says Aleksandra Boldyreva, Executive Director, Donors Forum Association (acting as a partner in the nomination).

In the nomination “Marketing Communications”, the award was presented to Zenit Football Club and Obcom Communications for the project “FAN Promenade” – How St. Petersburg Stadium Became the Most Visited Arena in the Eastern Europe”.

The statuette of Silver Archer in the nomination “Best Project in the Field of Intra-Corporate Communications and Corporate Media” was presented to Bilfinger Tebodin for their project “The Big Bang — Together We Grow”. The purpose of the program is to unite 900 specialists employed in seven countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

In the nomination “Best Project in the Field of CSR”, the award was given to the NUCLEAR CITIES Information Alliance for the project “Social Projects Competition #ROSATOMVMESTE”. Festival “10 songs of nuclear cities” achieved special prominence as it managed to unite city residents regardless of their age and occupation.

Almost ten years ago, Russian Venture Company (RVC) established a nomination “Promotion of Future Technologies”, where the jury reviews projects aimed at popularization of science and new technologies. According to the previous year results, the best project in this domain was “Organ-Avt Mission. First Space-Based Bioprinter in the World” developed by INVITRO Medical Company. Russia became the first country in the world to conduct a space-based experiment using modern printing device. Publications about this outstanding event were issued in the Russian, English, Chinese, Spanish, German and other languages all over the world. Potential number of contacts with target audiences exceeded 2.7 billion.

“Popularization of technologies and involvement of as many people as necessary for the science and innovations are the basic tasks of the RVC as a development institution. Since 2010, in partnership with Silver Archer, we have been supporting the best hi-tech communication projects, which become more professional and efficient from year to year. This season, RVC nomination gathered thrice as many applications as the previous period, including both local scientific projects and large system programs for the promotion of technologies and innovations. All shortlisted projects demonstrated a fresh angle on communications as a discipline, showed new approaches to solving comprehensive tasks related to image and reputation. We are sure that Invitro and Rosano cases will give a perfect impulse further development of scientific communications in Russia,” said Ekaterina Kumanina, Director for Strategic Communications at RVC.

“Expertise that works. In Moscow” is an idea which encompasses the integrated campaign named “Supermarket of professions:  integrated campaign for the promotion of Technograd cluster by SPN Communications. The project team developed a bright and differentiating positioning for the educational complex, where clear and comprehensible insights are used to attract the attention of mixed-aged target audience. This resulted in the recognition of the project by the Expert Board and the jury as the best project in the nomination “Promotion of the government-sponsored, community and social programs”. Social and cultural initiative “Kovdor – the capital of Hyperborea” presented by Eurochem was recognized as the best in the nomination “Development and Promotion of Territories” (partner of the nomination – Rosenergoatom Concern JSC).

Previously, Kovdor – a small town located in Murmansk Region – was associated only with the mining industry, and external audiences got no interest in the town whatsoever. Today the town is gradually becoming a recognizable place related to the landmarks of the mythical Hyperborea and cultural activities — visits of famous historians, journalists, artists, musicians, and science-fiction writers, Hyperborean New Year’s celebrations, creation of a Hyperborean Park, and the development of tourism. Just within one year, Eurochem created a new brand that had changed people’s attitude and formed a new identity. Eurochem sees its goal in organizing project teams, providing expert support, attracting corporate and media resources, and co-financing strategic initiatives.

“The nomination “Development and Promotion of Territories” is not about awards, and not about statuettes. It is about expertise that can be circulated. Reviewing the projects, I was exposed to a great number of ideas which we are going to consider and, probably, implement in the cities and towns where Rosenergoatom is present, and we bear responsibility for these ideas,” said Andrey Timonov, Director of the Information and Public Relations Department at Rosenergoatom Concern JSC.

The project “A Taste of Mexico – National Home for Mexican Fans at 2018 World Cup” became the largest (8,500 sq. m) and the most ambitious program by its duration and intensity in FIFA World Cup entire history. The program included four chef master classes, five gala concerts of world-famous iconic stars, mariachi performances, Day of the Dead parade, fashion show, two folk-crafts exhibitions, photo exhibitions, and broadcast of football matches. Outcome: more than 180,000 visitors within 23 days of the National Home operation and the title of award laureate in the nomination “International Communications” for PR Inc. Partner in the nomination – Russian Railways OJSC.

In the nomination “Corporate Communications”, the project “HR in the Digital Era. How we got on the right side of digital native steel makers” Implemented by CROS Nornikel and CrosDigital. The authors innovated the brand HR communications by arranging a campaign for the recruitment of new employees to the enterprises through social media. The strategy is based on a hypothesis that contemporary workers and engineers as well as other specialists are also digital native, and interaction therewith is more effective in the common internet medium.

By the jury’s decision, Silver Archer Award in the nomination “Best Work on the Theory of Public Relations” was not presented to anybody.

The prize for the “Best Regional Project” was awarded to AGT-Siberia and “Electronic City” for their social experimental work “Big Bad Wolf on Guard for Child Safety”. Grand Prix was awarded to the Fund for Infrastructural and Educational Programs (Rosano Group) for the project “NANO IS MY SUPER POWER” – a package of popular-scientific and information arrangements aimed at enhancing the interest of young people to the advanced science and technology.

In the most intriguing nomination, the winner is determined through online voting in the course of the awards ceremony. By a majority vote of the ceremony participants, the “Master” title was awarded to the Partner, General Director of R.I.M. Communications Agency Jacob Minevich.

“In contrast with the Russian economy, we can see the National Award Silver Archer growing by every measure. More projects are coming up, and one more regional competition appeared under the name Silver Archer – North West”. Everything goes well. But sometimes it gives you pause – there must be trouble somewhere. However, there are no trouble yet, which inspires optimism. I wish this growth would continue. To see new faces in the “Master” nomination. To see more companies and regions on the list of projects. To see prizeworthy people getting awards in the socially significant nominations, such as “Cultural Contribution” and “Personality of the Year”. I believe these tasks are not absurd, but quite achievable,” outlined Igor Pisarsky – Chairman of the Board of Directors of the R.I.M. Agency, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Silver Archer National Award for Public Relations Development – summarizing the results of the 22nd season.