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Na Na boy band performs at the 7th anniversary of M5 Mall in Ryazan


On Saturday, November 10, the largest trade and entertainment center M5 Mall in Ryazan Region marked its 7th anniversary. Traditionally, the program of this high day became one of the brightest cultural events in Ryazan this autumn. This time, the feast was organized in vintage style: traditional Mall’s “shopping night” and performance of the legendary Na Na boy band.

The feast began with a theatrical premiere for Ryazan: a puppet play “Golden Chicken” staged by Pavel Akinin for the youngest guests of the festival was performed by actors of the Moscow Regional Puppet Theatre on the Mall’s stage. This is a kind-hearted and cautionary fairytale, where the traditional villain of Russian fairy tales – Wolf – is shown in an unusual way.

For children, the organizers prepared an interactive show called “Mallka Shopping” featuring a very interesting animated program and unusual heroes. Thereafter, the main festive program started, and the participants had to get ready and remember the most significant attributes from the ’80s and ’90s of the 20th century: the most popular songs and names of the singers, style of clothes and things without which it would be impossible to imagine their life some thirty years ago. Boomboxes and stone-washed denim overalls, black leggings and Malvina jeans, raspberry-colored jackets and sweaters with ornaments, teased hair with blue bangs, brown lip liners, etc. All that knowledge helped the festival guests to take part in win-win stylized quizzes and competitions: “Terms of the ’80s–’90s”, “Total Recall” and “Back to the Past”. A specially styled photo zone was provided for taking photos “from the past” and then sharing photographs with friends and subscribers in social networks. That night, the ’90s were also recalled by a dancing flash mob and funny competition for the largest bubblegum bubble blown.

Simultaneously with the M5 Mall entertainment program, the stores and buyers competed for the title: the Best Store and the Best Shopaholic. While the first title was rated through online voting at the Mall’s website and VKontakte social network service, the name of the “best shopaholic” was announced after weighing all items bought at M5 Mall within the high day. The lucky winner was awarded a certificate for getting a discount at one of the Mall’s stores.

However, every visitor of the trade center could become a lucky beggar that night – it was possible to buy any item ща your choice for a very affordable price. It was the “Night of Shopping”. At some stores/sections, the prices were reduced by solid 70%. The participants of the M5 Mall Loyalty Program were doubly lucky: for each purchase they received points at an unprecedented triple rate.

At night, the festive stage welcomed the legendary Na Na boy band founded by its manager Bari Alibasov. The band was twelve-time winner of the national prize for music – “Ovation”, and used to occupy top positions at Russian pop-music charts in the ’90s. Out of the legendary lineup of the band, Vladimir Politov and Vyacheslav Zherebkin continue to perform. At the Mall’s concert, the visitors listened to mega hits, such as “Faina” and “The Hat Fell Down”, as well as new songs of the band. The concert ended up with a band members autograph session arranged at the multiplex cinema theatre “Five Stars”.

Also that night, a new photo exhibition named “Bright Ice” by sports photographer Aleksandr Safonov was opened. The exhibition was dedicated to figure skating wherein Russian ice skaters are second to none.

The M5 Mall’s birthday means not only festive venues and invited stars, but also the time to summarize the year. Vadim Zhivogliad, Managing Director of M5 Mall Trade and Entertainment Center: “For M5 Mall, 2018 is the year of new discoveries. This year, the Trade Center was reinforced by 18 new stores representing various commercial segments: from fashion clothing brands to international network of fast food restaurants. Among the entertaining events that became icons of both the trade center and the city, we can mention bike parades that draw thousands of fans of healthy living every year; Victory Day celebration, including army equipment exhibitions and performances of our airborne infantry; and sports photo exhibitions organized by Russia’s leading photojournalists. The seven-year-old M5 Mall does not stay static. It is developing exclusively in line with the current needs and demands of Ryazan residents. On behalf of M5 Mall team, I would like to thank all our visitors and customers for their ongoing loyalty to our Trade and Entertainment Center during these seven years. We have always delivered and will continue to deliver exceptional customer service in both trade and entertainment trends. Thank you for trusting us!”

Apart from the festive program, the traditional dessert buffet with a gigantic cake specially cooked for the M5 Mall anniversary was offered for all our party visitors and guests.

M5 Mall is the largest trade and entertainment center in Ryazan and Ryazan Region. Its total floor area amounts to 83,200 sq. m, including 66,500 sq. m sales area and surface car park for visitors (2,500 car places). M5 Mall contains over 120 stores of famous brands, many of which are represented exclusively; among the anchors we can mention: Karusel Hypermarket, OBI, Eldorado,  Detsky Mir (Toy Store), five-screen multiplex cinema theatre “Five Stars”, Children’s Playground. Restaurants and food-courts are represented by famous operators such as BurgerKing, Subway and others. Due to its unique range of products and services, M5 Mall Trade and Entertainment Center is the largest and major attraction for the customers. Catchment area served by M5 Mall Trade and Entertainment Center covers over 40% of the population residing in Ryazan and the Ryazan Region.

Since 2014, R.I.M. Communications Agency has been providing communication support in a subscriber maintenance format and developing and implementing special projects for M5 Mall and other trade centers owned by PPF Group.